Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

In the midst of the Hype cycle we often loose sight on what is really important in life. Today is a day for all of us to give thanks for all of the Father's in our lives.

My father is long since passed away. My biggest regret was not taking the time out from my busy schedule to have dinner with him. I had a meeting come up while and had to fly off to another critical business trip. I pushed our dinner to the next trip I would have in town a couple of month's later. Unfortunately, he died 2 weeks before in a strange golf cart accident.

No matter how critical or important we think what we are doing is - always ask yourself if it is worth it? Worth the risk or not taking the time for those that mean the most. Never take them for granted because you never know when they will not be there.

Special Happy Father's Day for all of the Father's out there that have made a difference in a child's life and have sacrificed time away from their families to work on projects or roll outs of products with me over the years.

Over the next few weeks stay tuned for developing changes and tips and tricks on planning your application virtualization deployment from lesson learned.

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