Friday, May 15, 2009

Universal Clients – Have Lift Off In the EXTERNAL Cloud With InstallFree

Universal Clients – Have Lift Off In the EXTERNAL Cloud With InstallFree
There are days that I think – I must be dreaming – but realize today – Universal Clients are a reality for InstallFree providers like GDS and their customers not just in the traditional sense but in the Cloud. This week was a productive week in Seattle with pivotal, explosive growth across many sectors.
How one may ask – can someone take highly regulated applications and host them in an external cloud? InstallFree provides unique capability for 2 factor GRC that fits nicely with HIPAA. Unlike other physical and virtual packages – IF provides a unique set of capability that enables many ONLY features that address critical control GAPs – making compliance in the cloud – and therefore Universal Clients a reality today – not tomorrow. The unique approach does not require additional hardware, OS changes or hypervisors in the mix.
Modularity & Security are all well thought through beyond any other desktop paradigm in the market. Yes I am biased as the VP of Business Development – but then again – that is why I am here – truly superior technology. The secret sauce is in dynamic binding down to the machine & user level. Now applications that once had to be repackaged multiple times with complex pre/post install scripts, targeting, overhead – can be reduced to a single package. Configurations can be restricted based on policy and bound at run time to make the most impossible case seem utterly simple.
What’s the bid deal? After over a decade of working with the top Fortune 1000 companies in this space a product comes along that finally gets it right. For example – A doctor with a clinic, home office for on call, and affiliated hospitals – only needs a single app to comply with HIPAA. Because of this revolutionary approach – IT can set policies that restrict what the doctor can do on his Home PC to read only, on his clinic PC to full copy, paste, and print within the confines of the environment, and to the nurse’s station based on local resources to avoid fines for printing to the wrong printer. Without requiring additional technology to make it happen other than a read only view to Active Directory…
Imagine – cutting the 3 applications used today down to 1. No extra pre/post install scripts, linking, sequencing or complex procedures just pure simple file copy. Simple enough that even the technophobe can leverage the easy to use IF Management Console without having to know how to script, link, sequence, etc… Easy as 1 2 3…
This is just the tip of the iceberg – built in Digital Rights Management, Encryption (apps & data), 2 factor discovery for “truly virtual apps” that plugs into current reporting paradigms without risks or writing to the registry, and shell integration for seamless experience – WOW.
Why care? EMR is just around the corner. New laws around privacy and encryption are under way with the Security Czar – the monolithic world, packaging, and interlocking principles will no longer suffice in the new age of Governance Risk and Compliance.
Not to mention versatility without impact on application richness (due to poor server graphics processors and remote displays) or delivery mode – online, offline or in the cloud.

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