Saturday, August 13, 2011

Client4Cloud: From Vision to Reality

I apologize for not posting for a short while. I have been heads down working on the Client4Cloud (I speak client, cloud, virtualization) series in my free time and hard at work at creating a new market niche with my company (Flexera Software) and industry thought leaders - Licensing as a Service. More to come on this front. Our first webinar with be in September...

After several weekends working to collate and update the information - I am pleased that the project is moving along... stay tuned for review and post dates. Client4Cloud: Desktop Transformation to universal clients is well under way.

The timing is perfect given the current buzz around user virtualization. Client4Cloud is all about the paradigm shift from the machine to the user. Truly a different way of "rethinking" and hopefully retooling IT to adjust to the Digital Native revolution. More to come soon....Citrix's acquisition of Ringcube is truly a step in the universal client direction...

The Visible Ops Private Cloud series has had quite a bit of positive feedback and traction - thank you all. I have appreciated the time that a few individuals have taken to review, comment, and provide feedback. My co-authors and I truly do appreciate all the kindness for those that contributed and those that have read our book. We will be hosting a book signing at CA booth at VMworld on Wednesday at 11:30 - would love to meet you and introduce you to my coauthors - Andi Mann & Kurt Milne.

Stay tuned more to come....


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